How we work

We’ve been offering ground-breaking presentation design for over 10 years.

We work with well-known media companies like Nickelodeon, Discovery, Channel 4, BBC and MTV to fintechs like VocaLink MasterCard, start ups like Starling Bank and SME’s like MWA. 


We create presentations in a variety of formats from visually stunning presentation decks in Powerpoint and keynote to interactive decks on iPads. From keynotes at events and thought leadership speaking opportunities to sales decks and kits, boardroom updates, internal town halls and coffee shop catch ups.

We combine our creative skill sets of graphic design, animation, functionality  and the psychology of connection™  to ensure that presentation decks successfully engage, influence and connect with any audience in any context.


Narrative and copy is seamlessly integrated with images, animations, typography, infographics and videos to ensure that a connection is made with the audience in the most impactful and effective way


We can also offer our services on an individual basis split by design, narrative, copywriting and narrative consultancy.

Our approach is simple:

Consult. Create. Connect.



All projects start with ensuring that we understand the key objectives and scope of the presentation, who the audience is, where the presentation will be used, format of presentation is needed, look and feel/brand considerations, assets available content/narrative/copywriting requirements, interactivity, updatability, budgets and timelines. This usually involves around 1-2 hours of consultancy face to face but can also be done on the phone.


From here, we will start to think about budgeting costs and if needed, start and working on content with proposed structure, narrative and copy.



We will propose a look and feel and make suggestions on how to bring the presentation to life based on budget and timings such as animations, infographics and interactivity.


Once the brand look is signed off, we will begin translating this to each slide and designing the deck. We work with the client, internal creative departments and external agencies to ensure that the creative approach is on brand and on message and that there is a consistency in assets.


Account management ensures that the client and other stakeholders are always collaboratively involved in the process. 



We can liaise with event organisers to make sure that the appropriate format and tech requirements are met.


We ensure that every slide effectively connects to the audience and can work with the presenter to ensure they are happy and confident in how the deck works.  We can offer support for anxious presenters and those who want to improve their presentation techniques.


If you’d like to see how we can take your presentations to the next level of connection please get in touch.